"Riam Nar Druid O Sbairn Lann"                         "Who Never Retreated From The Clash OF Spears"  




Never Forget ........ September 11, 2001 ........ United We Stand ........GOD BLESS AMERICA......BE SURE TO THANK A VETERAN TODAY!!!  




Welcome to The Irish Volunteers.  This site has been created to provide historical information and items of interest about Irish soldiers of the American Civil War, circa, 1861-5.  The primary focus of these pages centers around the officers and men who served with the Union Army's famed "Irish Brigade". Currently, this site contains battle reports, brigade campaign information, arms,  equipment and other articles and anecdotes of interest relating to these soldiers. 











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"To those who have sacrificed, and continue to sacrifice"


BE sure to SUPPORT OUR soldiers, sailors. marines, Coast Guard and airmen as they serve our nation and preserve the freedoms we so do love.



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